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Posted: 28 February 2022

Today Richard came to erect the retaining wall that we'd planned should run along the old reed bed's embankment which is opposite the bridge to the island. The wall replaces the remains of the old balustrade which has been holding back the embankment since the bridge was re-decked in 2015, just before we got married.

Retaining Wall

We just left with a couple of minor tasks. There are the rotting remains of the old balustrade to dispose of. These have been left on the small area of lawn by the bridge which was originally planned as the winter storage area for the lake maintenance dinghy. Now Diana plans that it should be used as a site for a seat of some kind. We also need to wait a few weeks before we can sow some grass seed on the embankment to help keep the soil from over-topping the new wall.

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