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Go to Top Our Deer Sculpture is Upright - Once Again!

Posted: 9 March 2022

It was a bright, if cool, day and I took the opportunity to set "Dave" upright again, which had been blown down during Storm Eunice after being stood up only nine days earlier after being brought down the first time by Storm Corrie.

A Paving Slab Base

It was clear that simply screwing Dave back onto the buried tree stakes was not going to do the job so this time I took a near complete paving slab that had been salvaged from the old patio which was relaid in 2015 and then replaced by a new one last year and seen in the report on Storm Eunice. To this I attached two blocks of tanalised wood that Richard cut for me from off cuts from his work on the Veranda Extension at The Manna.

Dave fixed to wooden blocks

This allows the paving slab to be buried so soil can cover it and make it appear that Dave is just resting on the soil amongst the grass and daffodils.

The old rotten post

There really was nothing left of one of the tree stakes to which Dave was originally fixed and the other showed the holes the enlarged holes where the screws had been torn out of the stake by the storms.

Dave standing proud again

So now Dave stands proud again! Hopefully the screws will hold in the new wood blocks and that the wood is securely held to the paving slab and the slab has enough weight to keep Dave upright in future.

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