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Posted: 11 March 2022

As I was returning to the bridge after taking photographs of the completed clearance of our boundary dyke, to cross back from the Poor's Allotment I took the opportunity to photograph the only Bulrush I am aware of locally. At this time of year the brown velvet flower is disintegrating, so it doesn't have the tidy appearance of last autumn.

Bull Rush

It's then about another 40 yards to reach the bridge back onto our land and this is the view you get at this time of year, the steps up to a small bench and Dave, which are both positioned in front of a large bay tree, while, in the background you see The Manna.

Dave and the Manna

The main reason for this collections of photographs was to show off "Dave". He is gradually maturing as we hoped. Putting it another way, the rust is slowly taking over. It was always our hope that the would happen evenly so, after a few years, rather than having its back paint and polished metal finish, it would begin to change to look more the natural colour of a Red Deer.

Dave and the Manna

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