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Posted: 17 April 2022

This week the wildlife camera was moved from its most common location on the Poors Allotment and hung it, facing towards the house, on the trellis panel next to the Arbour Seat.

Our hope was it would show us how close deer came to the house and how frequently they crossed to Peter's Field just beyond our decking. The results show that, after dark, whole families of deer will come within yards of the house, but failed to show the deer crossing the dyke as all the captures were after dark and the infra-red beam was not powerful enough to illuminate the necessary distance.

The video opens with a short daylight view to give a good idea of how close the camera was to the house. The majority of what follows was captured on Sunday 10 April between 23:09 and 23:20 and shows a family of three deer browsing. The fact that they are seen working towards the camera from the house suggests that they did cross from Peter's Field near our neighbour's garage.

It's followed, at 1:22 through the video, by a short sequence captured at 03:14 on Friday 15 April showing a mother suckling her offspring.

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