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Go to Top A Stoat Appears by our Patio Doors

Posted: 22 April 2022

It was lunch time and we'd been watching the news. I was taking a tray into the kitchen when Diana spotted "a brown furry thing". Returning from the kitchen I picked my phone and waited for "the thing" to return. It was somewhere amongst the pots on the step outside our patio doors.

A Stoat

After a few moments it did appear and it was immediately obvious it was a stoat. It made a dash for the edge of our decking. It ran backwards and forwards for half a minute or so, seeming to spend some time staring over the edge and down into the water.

A Stoat

Finally, it ran off down the decking searched around the plant pots by the lamp post before making its way round the end of the fence separating us from the holiday cottages. The whole episode lasted about a minute and the photos shown here cover less than 15 seconds of that period.

A Stoat

The wildlife camera had caught a stoat in the grounds last month, but that was about as far from the house as you could get. We have to go back to October 2013 for the only other time we have seen one close to the house and that was not as close as this time.

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