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Go to Top First Thought: The Nest Attacked!

Posted: 5 May 2022

Diana was concerned when she spotted that the goose nest had a collection of broken eggs in it. I took a photograph and then turned to taken a second of the two adult birds on the lawns behind the cottages.

Goose Nest
Adult Birds

The pair of geese looked alone, but quiet, as I suppose they would if they reacted like humans at the loss of a child. However, I was wanting to take more pictures of the grounds so I went round to the cottage side to get a better close up...

Goslings Close up

... only to realise that I had failed to spot their youngsters. We're not quite sure yet how many goslings there are. Could it be five or six in the picture and are there more out of sight behind the adults?

If what we read is true then it is likely that the eggs were laid as early as 7 April. That means they had ten days before we realised the nest was there on the island.

In recent years we have relied on the swans to keep the cottage lawns clear of geese but, in spite of a recent visit by a pair, those we see this year continue to disappear from the site and they are not yet nesting.

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