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Posted: 7 May 2022

Over the last week we've done some work on the paths. We'd had some grass seed in stock for ages. It was last used to re-seed the area beside the path between the bridge and the spur to the Ruston Bench, near the crack willows that got wrecked in the storm a couple of years ago. This time it was applied to the path beside the boat dock by the bridge and working back towards the house the path close to the Arbour Seat. In effect either side of the length of path that was the first to be reinforced with plastic grids.

Seeded Path
Seeded Path

After the seed had been laid it was topped with some of the well rotted and sieved compost taken from the wire cages holding the leaf drop from Autumn 2020. Then it was time to tackle the piles of wood set aside for chipping.

Back on 20 April, when I took a Tour of the Grounds, the area by the junction of the paths to the Ruston Bench and behind the old Reed Bed had the two large piles of timber seen here:

The Piles now

But Wednesday was spent chipping them and they are no more! Although the third pile of fine twigs does remain, seen on the extreme right of the photo taken at the end of the day:

Timber Piles gone

The plan was to use the chippings on the path around The Manna. Unfortunately, there were not quite enough generated to top dress the first part of the final approach to the cabin, but as can be seen on the following images the rest of the newer style white grids have now been topped up with the chippings created.

Approach to the Manna
By The Manna
Rear of The Manna
By The Gate

As with the paths tackled at the start of the week, the hope is that eventually the chippings will rot down and then we plan to sow grass seed as we are doing on the other paths that have already been reinforced with the various types of grid we now have on the site.

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