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Posted: 11 May 2022

A light drizzle had just started to fall as I was returning to the house with a guy who had come to measure up for a quote on work to be done at The Manna. It turns out he is an angler who remembers coming to fish here in its early days. I led the way but as we approached the bridge to the island he spotted a pike under the bridge. I only had my phone with me, not the best device for taking a picture, but at least you can get an idea of its size.

Large Pike

A quarter of an hour later I returned to the bridge with my better camera in the hope the fish was still there and I could get a better picture, but it was gone. However a lone swan was feeding on the other side of the bridge and I took the opportunity to take a photo that shows how clear the water gets in the lake once the vegetation begins to grow.

Swan Feeding

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