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Posted: 14 May 2022

After the concern about the Swans last weekend and having completing the move of the paving slabs to the Reed Bed, I went round the lake to take some further pictures of the goslings. That led to a conversation with a holidaymaker who was about to pack his car at the end of their holiday.

Seven Goslings

The holidaymaker had witnessed a commotion during the week where the two adult birds had appeared to become agitated and rushed around scattering their goslings. Some time later he took a count and reckoned there were now only seven. The picture I took confirmed that.

We got onto the topic of what might take the goslings. I told him of my belief that the swans were often involved, as they attacked any geese on the lake and would drive them away as soon as their own nesting behaviour started. But it seems no swans were involved in the commotion he saw. He suggested that it would have been a pike and having seen the largest pike yet in the lake three days earlier reckoned he must be right.

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