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Go to Top Slabs Moved to the Wildflower Meadow

Posted: 14 May 2022

Diana has plans for a Green House. It needs to stand on a firm base so this morning I was tasked with moving all the paving slabs that used to form the patio behind the Music Room. That was relaid last September. Since then the old slabs have been stored by the arbour seat, half way to the Wildflower Meadow.

Arbour Seat

Some of the slabs were laid to form a new path to the front door in February but the remainder were still stacked by the arbour.

Reed Bed

The job took a couple of hours. They are now in two similar stacks on the old Reed Bed. One stack has all the odd pieces. Some are slabs that were broken when being removed. Other had notches cut in them to take the posts for the old pergola or needed to be cut to fit the space. The other stack has the remaining full slabs.

I do still refer to the area as the "Reed Bed" from time to time. It's original function was to process all the sewage from the site, but it is now usually referred to as the "Wildflower Meadow" although, in reality, it is a multi-purpose area. Half of it is kept seeded with wildflowers but the rest holds compost bins, fruit trees and raised beds for vegetables, as you will have seen if you followed the Tour of the Grounds made in April.

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