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Go to Top Muntjac and a Cat Use the Bridge

Posted: 19 September 2022

This week the camera was left pointing at the bridge to the island. When I checked the card in the camera this week it was to find the camera had been triggered far fewer times than last week. It seems that the pigeons visited far fewer times. However, one crossing of the bridge looks much the same as another, so this week only a few clips are included the video for this week.

Go to Top Monday - 0:00

The first pair of clips is to show that the Muntjac don't just use the bridge in the middle of the night. The first clip was captured at 15:27 on Monday, with the return from the island captured just five minutes later.

Go to Top Friday - 0:33

Other than pigeons the only other creature captured this week was a cat. It is seen crossing to the island on Friday morning at 01:08 but not returning until 02:08. We seem to have three cats that visit us on a fairly regular basis, this being the ginger one. It's not a complete surprise to see a cat on the bridge as one approached the goose nest on the island Back in April.

Go to Top Friday (2) - 0:49

The final pair of clips are included to show some of the mystery of wildlife camera captures. Again it is Friday and the first of the pair was captured at 18:59 in what is clearly pouring rain. The camera is not triggered again for more than an hour then, at 19:14, we see not just two two Muntjac seen crossing to the island but a third, youngster is with them too.

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