Ruston House

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Go to Top Munjac under the Bedroom window

Posted: 3 May 2023

I opened the curtain windows at 08:32 this morning to see a Muntjac on the path leading to the house. I managed to grab my camera and got a photo as it walked past the step up to the patio before. There was only time to get one before it disappeared beside the house.

Muntjac Deer

It looks as if I need to mow the grass again!

Go to Top Goslings Hatch

At 10:17 there was more excitement when I saw that the Canada Geese that were nesting on the island had hatched their brood.

Canada Geese and Goslings

It seems that this year they have managed to hatch eight. Walking round the grounds later, I discover that one unhatched egg remains in the nest. It will be interesting to see how many survive till September. The attrition rate is always quite high.

Canada Geese and Goslings

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