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Posted: 1 February 2020

This week it's been squirrels and muntjac that the camera has `caught.

It looks as if I managed to adjust the clock setting when downloading last week's clips as the lighting conditions suggest that the EXIF data indicates each video was captured eight hours earlier than the lighting conditions suggest. With that adjustment in mind, the earliest clip here was taken at 07:13 on Wednesday.

There's just 6 seconds of video in this first clip. I'd normally not bother to upload it. However, it is a good introduction to the demonstration of how much creatures of habit we all are.

It's some three hours later and, presumably, it's the same squirrel that takes exactly the same track through the trees.

And then again some 25 minutes later still. Why is this particular route taken each time? I'd love to understand what the reasons are for the pauses taken on some occasions.

Now we move to Thursday morning at 05:47. There's a great deal of head swinging in this clip. Is the deer trying to place a sound it can hear, or a smell, or something else?

Almost exactly an hour later, at 06:48 a muntjac, like the squirrel the previous day, makes a repeat journey, but this one lacks the hesitancy and searching feel of the previous traverse of the shot.

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