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Go to Top Badger Approaches from the North to Cross Bridge

Posted: 14 March 2022

On Saturday night shortly before 21:00 the wildlife camera set up on the Poor's Allotment and pointing at the bridge from our grounds captured this:

It's the first acceptable video that our cameras have captured of a badger. You might notice how it manages to pick up a stick on top of its head as it mounts the bridge but then shakes it off half way across.

Ever since the mystery creature first photographed on 6 May 2018 we had been hoping to get a video of a badger worth uploading to the site. The mystery of what it was that the camera had captured was only solved the Following May when we also thought we might have discovered what had been doing some digging under the gate to the cottage grounds in February 2019.

Possible Badger

Now I wonder if the scrape I found on Saturday, just beyond the end of the boardwalk that connects to the bridge, is another example of what we found by the gate to the cottage grounds in 2019. Was this dug by the same badger that was caught on the video?

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