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Posted: 9 May 2022

After almost two weeks when the camera was set up close to the house and on the island to see activity at the goose nest that was discovered during a tour of the grounds it was returned to the Poor's Allotment. Once again, I did consider excluding all the Muntjac clips from the video as we see them so consistently the clips rarely offer anything new but, again, I have relented.

Go to Top 00:00 - Saturday 01:00

The video starts with a glimpse of a fox as it passes by the Poor's Allotment end of the bridge. This was captured shortly before 01:00 on Saturday 30 April.

Go to Top 00:08 - Saturday 08:05

Next, at 08:05, we see a squirrel, as it leaves the bridge to explore the Poor's Allotment. The clip fades to show its return to the bridge two minutes later. It only makes it a little way across before it returns and climbs a tree where it then gives an prolonged tail shake. I read that this is a form of alarm call for a squirrel. I only wish I could detect what it was that spooked it.

Go to Top 00:33 - Monday 08:32

We move on to 08:32 on Monday 2 May, where we see a pheasant after it has crossed the bridge. then, at 13:23, a slightly longer clip of a heron who spends a while apparently considering its next feed, before, at 18:27 there's another traverse by a pheasant who decides to announce his presence before leaving the frame.

Go to Top 01:38 - Tuesday 22:48

Then it's time for another night time clip. Once again a fox passes by the bridge. This one was captured at 22:48 on Tuesday.

Go to Top 01:46 - Wednesday 19:13

On Wednesday 4 May at 19:13 it's time for a heron to return to its favourite spot for another fishing session.

Go to Top 02:09 - Thursday 09:06

On Thursday, at 09:06, we see a squirrel crossing onto Ruston House land. Much like the earlier crossing the animal stops part way across, but this time then proceeds leaving the frame at the top of the steps that lead to "Dave", our deer sculpture.

Go to Top 02:39 - Thursday 10:06

An hour later, we find a mix of pigeon and Muntjac deer, obviously neither feels any kind of threat from the other. We stay with the Muntjac to see it pick up speed and leave the frame on its way towards the house.

Go to Top 03:18 - Friday 07:59

We move on to Friday, at 07:59, to find a Muntjac crossing onto the Poors Allotment. You probably won't realise why it pauses to look back across the dyke until you see a male emerge from the reeds on the far side of the dyke. At 18:29 we see yet another pheasant. This one does not announce itself in the same way as the previous bird.

Go to Top 04:56 - Sunday 06:52

Our final few clips come from Sunday 8 May. The first, captured at 06:52 shows two Muntjac, but you may miss noticing the second, on the far side of the dyke, as it climbs out of frame behind a tree before the one in the foreground has stepped on the bridge. At 07:32 a squirrel crosses the bridge and climbs a tree while another passes over at 08:39 and turns in the opposite direction. Our last in this collection shows, at 14:45, a heron, or is it "the heron", leave the bridge and settle down for some fishing.

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