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Go to Top Roe and Muntjac Deer are seen this Week

Posted: 16 May 2022

After contemplating it a number of times this week I have excluded a number of clips of Muntjac Deer that might have been kept in earlier compilations. Don't worry, there are still a good number of Muntjac to be seen.

Go to Top 00:00 - Monday 00:19

We start with a clip captured on Monday 9 May at 00:19. Unfortunately, the Roe deer never makes it fully into frame. Later at 09:05 we see a Muntjac. Initially, you may not notice the second Muntjac run down the embankment at the back of the shot and make its way along to the path to join what I believe is its mother before exiting the frame.

Go to Top 01:27 - Monday 09:43

At 09:43, we see a pheasant walk through the field of view followed, almost 12 hours later, at 21:38, by two Muntjac seen either side of the dyke.

Go to Top 02:03 - Tuesday 06:14

That clip is quickly followed by another. This time captured at 06:14 the following morning and it appears to show a male Muntjac with one of its horns missing.

Go to Top 02:23 - Wednesday 21:27

We move on to Wednesday evening at 21:27 and this time we see three Muntjac although not all are seen initially.

Go to Top 02:42 - Thursday 07:28

On Thursday, perhaps the highlight of the week, a good daylight visit, at 07:38 by a Roe deer. It's patchy coat suggests that this specimen is part way through its spring moult.

Go to Top 02:54 - Friday 12:37

On Friday, at 12:37, we see what is probably our resident heron on the bridge. It stood for so long that I've shortened it to the point where the bird made its way to what appears its favourite fishing spot. A few minutes later, at 12:45, we see two Muntjac making their way across the bridge, but did you notice Diana in the background working on the island? At 15:24 the heron is back again on the bridge and again and once more makes its way to its preferred point for fishing.

Go to Top 02:23 - Saturday 07:46

It's Saturday and at 07:46 and, in the foreground, a Muntjac makes its way out of frame. You may have missed the youngster on the embankment behind. It suddenly decides that it needs to find its mother again.

In our final clip you may wonder why I show yet another Muntjac making its way across the bridge and turning left. Wait a few seconds and you see a squirrel approach from that same direction. I just wish we could have seen the encounter between the two.

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