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Posted: 27 June 2022

This week's collection of clips starts with some very bouncy stoats, continuing with clips of a Jay and a moorhen with a very brief glimpse of a tawny owl and concludes with three clips of a Muntjac mother with its young.

Over the last few weeks there seem to have been nothing but Muntjac captured by the wildlife camera, but this week saw a bit more variety.

The video opens with a snippet that shows a stoat captured on Wednesday at 13:13. It shows that wave-like movement that I photographed when one approached the house in October 2013. We then see a pair of stoats at 05:34 the following morning. This time you see both the bouncing movement I saw in that first encounter and the the almost snake like slithering movement that reminds me of the battles described in the Wind in the Willows.

At 0:26 into the video and much later that morning, at 12:56, we see a Jay was captured. It was the first time that the camera had recorded such a prolonged visit.

The next very brief clip, at 0:53, captured at 04:15 on Friday morning, was of a Tawny Owl. I deliberately froze the first frame to provide a reasonable chance of confirming the identification.

At 0:58 we see a moorhen moving across the bridge. This was captured on Saturday morning at 09:04.

The video concludes with three clips of Muntjac and their young. The first, showing a mother and youngster crossing the bridge to the Poor's Allotment was captured at 16:34 on Saturday. The next around 30 minutes later, shows what could be the same two returning to the grounds of Ruston House - except that no recording was captured of a traverse from the north to the south. In the final clip you are not aware that the youngster exists for about half a minute.

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