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Posted: 11 July 2022

It's another week and we have a collection of clips that starts with the cat that we saw last week. Next we see a Roe Deer and finally capture a blur that can, at least, be identified as a bat.

It was on Tuesday night at 23:46, that the cat returned and, this time, is bold enough to make its way onto the Poor's Allotment. The camera is slow to be triggered when it returns and it is only picked up at 23:53 when it is already back on the bridge. As it did last time it spends some time staring over the bridge before the camera shuts down.

On Wednesday, at 20:51, a roe deer is seen. It seems to take particular interest in the smells at the end of the bridge. Whether it is concerned about cat seen on the previous evening or the many Muntjac that cross the bridge is something about which we can only puzzle. There's a point you almost wonder whether it believes our deer sculpture is anything to be concerned about.

The final clip lasts only a couple of seconds but is perhaps the first photographic evidence we have of bats, although we see, perhaps smaller ones, almost nightly throughout the summer through our lounge windows.

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