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Posted: 15 August 2022

This week's clips include more from a Muntjac family and a kestrel, perhaps the same ones we saw Two Weeks Ago.

This week we start with a 20 second clip, captured on Monday 8 August at 20:38 showing four Muntjac. Two proceed across the bridge towards Ruston House land, leaving a female on the Poor's Allotment side. She is clearly aware of an approaching male but she appears to be either more interested in the smells on the ground by the bridge or is contemplating crossing it. At this point a male arrives and appears to sniff at her rear end and as he does so her tail rises and she moves rapidly out of the way. As the clip fades her tail is still half erect as she does, finally, approach the bridge and mounts it. I wish I understood what the the tail raising behaviour represented.

The second clip shows another visit by a kestrel, captured on Tuesday afternoon at 14:35. It's difficult to make out what is going on. At first, from the way it jumps, it appears that the bird has prey at its feet that may not yet be dead. Eventually, it appears to take a bite but then loses interest and flies off.

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