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Go to Top A "Decorated" Stag Appears!

Posted: 26 September 2022

After having had the wildlife camera stationed in the Grounds by the bridge to the island for the last two weeks, it was returned to the Poor's Allotment where, this week, it captured some of our better shots of Red Deer.

The clip opens with a female, captured at 14:30 on Tuesday, approaching the bridge to the Poor's Allotment from the north. It's a shame that Red Deer seem to avoid the more open ground near the dyke and end up being too close to the camera for the best shots.

Nine minutes later, at about 35 seconds into the video, a stag arrives. I had always wondered how a stag copes with with the dense woodland of the Poor's Allotment. I guess I now know - they barge their way trough it taking all the vegetation with them.

The clip concludes with another clip of a stag, this time without "decoration", travelling north at some speed. This was captured at 07:28 this morning. Did you notice the Muntjac in the background?

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