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Posted: 26 September 2022

After having had the wildlife camera stationed in the Grounds by the bridge to the island for the last two weeks, it was returned to the Poor's Allotment where, this week, it captured a variety of wildlife including, for the first time a barking Muntjac. This week I have put the clips showing Red Deer in a separate video.

Go to Top 00:00 - Thursday 00:38

Almost forty minutes after midnight we see a fox make its way from south to north past the bridge to our land.

Go to Top 00:09 - Thursday 10:43

Here are two clips captured within two minutes of each other. The first ends as the squirrel climbs the tree, but unlike on 30 April there is no shake of the tale. The video fades to a clip captured a couple of minutes later where the squirrel goes under the bridge, followed by another fade to the point when it emerges again a short while later and crosses to the Ruston House side.

Go to Top 00:59 - Friday 09:27

It was only recently that I read that an alternative name for Muntjac is Barking Deer. As the clip starts we see a pigeon land near the camera with a Muntjac approaching it with tail raised, that often seems to indicate alarm. Just before dismounting the bridge it "barks" and then again, with tail still raised, as it leaves the frame following the route taken by the pigeon.

Go to Top 01:11 - Friday 14:22

The final sequence is of a pair of squirrels. Again two clips are merged with the second captured nine minutes after the first. It stats with one squirrel on the bridge and another following it. The second starts with a squirrel emerging from under the bridge. it runs off towards the camera, but then a second squirrel emerges from under the bridge which follows the first squirrel.

Go to Top A "Decorated" Stag Appears!

Go to Top 00:00 - Tuesday 14:30

The clip opens with a female red deer approaching the bridge to the Poor's Allotment from the north. It's a shame that Red Deer seem to avoid the more open ground near the dyke and end up being too close to the camera for the best shots.

Go to Top 00:35 - Tuesday 14:39

Nine minutes later a stag arrives. I had always wondered how a stag copes with with the dense woodland of the Poor's Allotment. I guess I now know - they barge their way trough it taking all the vegetation with them.

Go to Top 01:27 - Monday 07:28

The clip concludes with another clip of a stag, this time without "decoration", travelling north at some speed. Did you notice the Muntjac in the background?

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