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Posted: 24 October 2022

The last week saw a lot of Red Deer activity. Unfortunately, I had not been able to charge the camera battery and by the Thursday it was in a state of collapse.

Go to Top Tuesday - 17:07-17:10

In daylight the camera continues to work and on Tuesday the camera captured a lone female near the bridge. In initial 1 minute segment was captured at 17:07, the last few seconds were captured three minutes later. I have to assume that the deer stood still enough for the camera not to be triggered in that period.

Go to Top Thursday - 08:49

On Thursday morning the camera was still being triggered by movement but was not switching to day-time colour mode and not illuminating the infra-red lighting, indicated by the lack of glowing eyes that you see in fully dark conditions.

Here we see four deer, although you may not notice the fourth to the left of the frame for the first few moments.

Go to Top Thursday - 08:59

Ten minutes later the camera is triggered again. This time the glow in the eyes indicates that the scene is being bathed in the infra-red lighting the camera provides.

It appears that this is the group seen earlier. Two of the larger animals appear to take great interest about the scene across the bridge. Could they be wondering about our "Dave", the deer sculpture? When the smallest of the deer appears it seems intrigued by the glow from the camera and takes a good sniff at it.

Go to Top Thursday - 18:05

As evening approached, following some 30 further triggers during daylight hours for the usual collection of Muntjac, squirrels and the like, video capture failed. Instead of running for the standard twenty seconds, you were lucky if it ran for two and for half that time the infra-red lighting was not functioning causing the image to flash and miking it quire unwatchable. So here are a sample of individual frames taken from the video that was captured.

Red Deer
Red Deer
Red Deer
Red Deer

On my count there are eight deer in the group, but I could easily be wrong.

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