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Posted: 31 October 2022

It's been another week of deer activity, and although rather blurry, twice the wildlife camera has captured a Chinese Water Deer.

Go to Top 0:00 - Thursday 23:59

The compilation of the week's captures opens with a Chinese Water Deer that was captured just before Midnight and the start of Friday morning. In spite of the blurry image, in the last few seconds of the clip, for the first time it is just possible to make out the tusks that are one of the distinctive features of the male of this deer.

Go to Top 0:17 - Friday 10:30

Next we see a group of eight Red Deer moving past the end of our bridge.

Go to Top 1:16 - Saturday 09:24

The Chinese Water Deer returns on Saturday morning. It's a shame that the damp conditions means that condensation on the camera lens prevents getting the best of views.

Go to Top 1:30 - Sunday 08:31

On Sunday morning the camera captures three short clips of a distinctive Red Deer stag that appears to have lost one of its antlers. The first two follow each other while the third clip comes from about five minutes later. In that time a Muntjac has appeared in the distance and as the stag comes into its view it runs off.

Go to Top 2:28 - Sunday 10:03

The final clip was captured an hour and a half later when a Red Deer enters the frame to be followed a few seconds later by what appears to be its young.

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