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Video: 7-13 November 2022
Text: 18 April 2023

There's been quite a range of activity captured this week. We start with a Chinese Water Deer that walks steadily through the frame and then see a fox and this pattern proceeds throughout the week except for the one time that we see the local curiosity of the white pheasant.

Go to Top 0:00 - Monday 22:58

Chinese Water Deer have traditionally been the rarest of the four deer species that the wildlife camera has captured, but this week we see one almost daily, starting with this one walking through the frame from north to south.

Go to Top 0:07 - Wednesday 18:54

On Wednesday evening the camera was triggered by a fox walking briskly northwards.

Go to Top 0:11 - Thursday 02:07

While a couple of hours into Thursday we see another Chinese Water Deer, or perhaps the one seen on Monday. But this time it behaves in a very different fashion. There's a lot of head bobbing as if sniffing the air and some interest in the area where most creatures mount the bridge.

Go to Top 0:31 - Thursday 19:26

We move to Thursday evening and for the first time capture a fox crossing from the Ruston House side of the bridge.

Go to Top 0:39 - Friday 05:08

The next section contains three clips. In the first, only about three seconds long, a fox crosses the bridge from the Poor's side. Then, within a minute, returns and turns north, away from the camera. Three minutes later, at 05:12 a fox is seen approaching from the north and turning to its right as if to leave the dyke bank. Just as it disappears out of frame you hear a bark, that sounds very much like that of a Muntjac, but none are captured by the camera.

Go to Top 0:57 - Friday 07:10

A few hours later and we again see a fox, making almost the same traverse of the frame as before, but with a pronounced pause. I take advantage and zoom in on the fox as by chance this suits the next clip that the camera captured.

Go to Top 1:16 - Friday 10:44

It's now mid morning on Friday and the white pheasant that seems to have been around for a while lands just where the fox had been three and a half hours earlier. We zoom out again, ready for the next clip.

Go to Top 2:16 - Friday 20:32

It's another visit by a Chinese Water Deer, to be followed...

Go to Top 2:35 - Friday 20:56

...twenty minutes later by a fox that leaves the bottom of the frame to be replaced by...

Go to Top 2:46 - Saturday 00:13

...yet another Chinese Water Deer. But this time it just after midnight on Saturday morning.

Go to Top 3:06 - Saturday 20:29

It's now Saturday evening and a fox appears on the end of the bridge and, as my mother might have said proceeds to do its business.

Go to Top 3:15 - Sunday 12:12

We finish this weeks collection of video captures with yet another visiting Chinese Water Deer. This time we see it shortly after midday.

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