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Posted: 7 March 2022

There are a lot of posts still to be made to cover 2021, but today something new happened, the start of the construction of an extension to the veranda.

Log Cabin Veranda
Log Cabin
		Veranda Extension

If you follow the path all the way from the house to The Manna you will pass round the back of The Manna and will reach the gate that takes you through to the grounds behind the cottages.

There you see the end of the path with its reinforcing grids that should, eventually, be hidden by the grass that we expect to grow in the composted wood chippings currently within the grids. You also see the wood store that was mounted on a couple of paving slabs late last year and today the part-built extension to The Manna's veranda. Richard, who built the retaining wall near the bridge to the island last week is doing the work for us.

As plans have developed we now foresee The Manna being used for "off- grid weekend retreats, and while cooking on the wood burning stove inside would have appeal in the winter months we began to think that as that was the only source of heat for cooking, it might be less welcome in the summer. That led us to move the barbecue from the patio be the house to The Manna, where it could be used as an external kitchen in warmer months. But then the realisation that it would occupy valuable space on the veranda. hence the new extension.

We are expecting to add some trellis panels to the front and rear of the additional veranda space which should have decking boards that will match the rest of the veranda. The one to the rear will not be full width so people can make their way to collect wood from the store next to the gate.

It's still to be decided whether we cover the ground in front of the wood store with more of the plastic grids used on the rest of the path from the house or to fill the space with more of the paving slabs that were salvaged from outside the Music Room when the new patio was laid.

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