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Posted: 16 May 2015

I had taken a walk around the grounds earlier, but around 19:45 I returned with my camera as I wanted evidence of what surely must have been the presence of an otter.

Dead Fish

This is what I had seen earlier, a good sized fish with its throat missing.

Dead Fish

I decided I needed a second view just to give a better sense of scale and as a reminder of the location. As you can see, the fish was found on the island just behind the duck house.

Spanish Bluebells

After that I took a turn around the island, stopping to take a photo of the bluebells. It something of a disappointment that these are the Spanish variety, which I read hybridise easily with our native Bluebells, meaning we are slowly losing them from our woodlands.

Pair of Geese

At the end of a full circle around the island I managed to capture our pair of geese on the lawn behind the cottages.


Beginning to cross the bridge from the island I find that still around is the cygnet that was chased away by the ASBO swan last week.

Island Bridge

Return to the island I take this view of the bridge that don't ever recall taking before.

Ruston House From The Bridge

Then, stepping onto the bridge again I get this shot of the house in what is going to be the last direct sunlight of the day, before I spin around...

Lake From Island

...virtually 180° to take this view of the area of the lake we refer to as "The Pool".

Evening At Ruston House

Finally, I cross the bridge and make my way to the "High Road", the path that runs along our southern border. From there I take another view of the house, in which you see the Arbour Seat, erected last year, that replaced the old summer house. The short tour taking some ten minutes.

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