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Posted: 24 March 2015

At school I was taught in Geography lessons that our prevailing winds come from the South West. Since moving to Ruston House, I say they are from the north. What I really mean is that and dead reed and weed that gets into the lake often ends up in the bay behind Ruston House. Once there it will move about as the wind changes direction, but it rarely seems to escape and drift up the other end of the lake.

Here are piles of such stuff that I managed to retrieve from the lake over the weekend after the wind had changed to a more southerly direction so that it blew up against the quay heading running away from the house.

Collected Reed

By lunchtime today the wind had changed again and was once again blowing anything floating towards the south eastern corner by the decking behind the house.

Dead Weed Accumulating

If you were wondering what all that light coloured twisted wood is seen on the edge of both photos, it is "The Ruston Bench". This was constructed by our "Green Team" who help keep our grounds under control. They live on part of the marshes at Hickling and are responsible for keeping the site maintained so from time to time are able to recover and use odd bits of fallen timber. The bench was made with us in mind as customers. Once shown it, how could we refuse buying?

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