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Go to Top Two Short Videos of Muntjac Deer!

Posted: 17 May 2018

I don't go to the wildlife camera every day to see what it has captured, so images will begin to be posted here in batches. These two short clips were captured on Friday evening (11 May) at 20:32 and last night (16 May) at 20:52 which you could say means the deer has remarkably stable habits visiting at nearly the same time of day.

When the camera starts rolling the deer is already centre frame and checking things out on the ground before eventually climbing the bank towards the reed bed itself.

It looks as if the deer has approached from lake and the head is out of frame for the first fifteen seconds before disappearing. There's then a gap of 30 seconds before she reappears and frustratingly, the camera gives up shooting.

The way this camera behaves is becoming increasingly annoying!

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