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Posted: 14 November 2013

It was shortly after 13:00 that I had to run upstairs and grab my camera to get this photograph of what I begin to think of as our resident swans.

Swans arriving in the Lake

The first adult was a little bit too quick crossing from the dyke to the lake for me to manage to include the whole family of nine birds. I have to assume that the adults will continue to bring their family to visit the lake over the whole winter.

Neighbours tell me that come February, if I'm up early enough, I will be able to spot otters using much the same route to bring their family to enjoy the lake too. I'm not sure that I'll be up early enough to spot the otters. Lunch time visits seem so much more civilised that calling on people at breakfast time!

It's a pity that the recent high winds managed to strip the summerhouse of its felt. Until that happened I had believed that the roof was in good order. Now it's revealed a fair bit of rotten timber. As the floor, especially around the veranda is already showing a considerable amount of rot as the whole building slowly sinks into the peat, it does now look as if I have the excuse to consign the whole thing to be fuel for a future bonfire!

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