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Posted: 4 July 2014

Sometimes you get a feeling that something you see on the lake is going to be around for some time. The cygnet I took the photo of a couple of days ago is a case in point. As I mentioned then, it's been around for a while now and it seems that each time it comes it stays for longer.

Swan on the Peninsula

It still has the last remnants of brown feathers and the more obvious greyish bill. Now and again we also see an adult bird, but that seems to prefer the dykes around our neighbours grounds and only visits the lake briefly. I am just beginning to wonder if, now that the Canada geese have been gone a long time whether "our" cygnet is going to be with us right through till winter. Time will tell!

When we first saw the estate agent's details for the house the photographs showed a pair of swans on the lake. In my fantasy moments I wonder if the visiting adult and cygnet will pair up and become permanently resident.

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