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Posted: 27 September 2020

I walked round the grounds again today. As you'll see from the second post today I was primarily getting photographs of the height of the water, but during the tour I discovered more tree damage. The first I noticed, which I hadn't spotted in a walk round the grounds yesterday, was another oak.

Storm Damaged Oak

This one, found on the "High Road" at the south-east corner of the wild flower meadow, is unusual in that it is a branch on the north-west side of the tree and the horizontal crack in the branch suggests that it is pure weight that has brought it down rather than a wind from the north.

Storm Damaged Crack Willow

The second was the crack willow right beside the gate to the holiday cottages. I hadn't noticed yesterday as there was nothing obvious in the branches, but looking at the ground this afternoon I realised that the tree almost appears to be lifted out of the ground. The whole tree was flopped against the fence, and what's more it had torn a number of the shingles on the Gazebo.

Gazebo Damage

And further towards the top there was more. In fact there were scuffs on the adjacent ridge as well but there was just saw dust there. The shingle hadn't been torn.

Gazebo Damage

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