Ruston House

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Photos: 11 May 2015
Text: 13 May 2020

I was out when a cold caller knocked on the door a few days before these photos were taken, offering to sell us a garden bench. Diana asked him to call back later, which he did. The tale concludes by us ending up with our "Banana Bench" at a very reasonable price.

Banana Bench

For a number of days the new bench stood beside the house. The plan was to place it on the "lawn" where the Ruston Bench had been since its delivery in mid-February and, while we had contemplated moving it, to do the task we needed a group of people as it was both heavy and awkward to lift and manoeuvre it to the place we had in mind for it half way around the lake.

Rotten Decking

By this time the decking around the lawn was beginning to collapse and it was clear would need to be replaced before our wedding. We had begun to remove the planks that were weakest so that no one could fall through them by accident.

Wall Basket Mock Up

Part of the reason I was outside taking photographs was to send one to Diana showing exactly where I proposed to hang the wall baskets on the back of the house. While she was away on one of her business jaunts I had been given the task of preparing them for planting. My solution was to lean them against the wall, propped up on tables and chairs.

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