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Posted: 28 July 2014

It was just before 14:20 When I spotted a family of four geese on the lake. I was passing through the lounge on my way to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

They soon all climbed out of the lake and the ones that appeared to be juveniles promptly sat down on a fishing stand, encouraged there by the parents. I stood and watched all this while drinking my tea, but nothing much of interest seemed to be happening, so on finishing my tea I went off to continue with what I had been doing.

A Family of Geese

The next time I looked out the family was gone. It was only when I came to write up this post that I realised that today is the anniversary of the last post that I made concerning a group of geese. Then it was our resident pair and their gosling, not to mention the second pair that briefly joined them before they all departed on their migration.

Looking back, I realise that I failed to mention the actual departure date, but clearly it was between the 28 July and the 10 August, as that's the date when I report the activities of a family of swans and it is clear that all five of the geese had left by then. All that was left was another lone visiting, and apparently out of place, goose.

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