Ruston House

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Photos: 17 September 2015
Text: 31 October 2022

As stated earlier, my recollection is that the bridge had been re-decked by the 12th. Certainly, by 17 September it had had a strip of chicken wire added to form a non-slip surface and had been decorated with a string of coloured LED bulbs.

Island Bridge

Also, by the 17th, it appears that the bulk of the boardwalk was complete. Although, as you see in the second photo, it still stops well short of Tree House and there is no sign of the steps that were still to be built.

Island Boardwalk
Tree House

It is these photos that lead me to believe that, on our wedding day, rather than approach along the board walk our wedding guests would have walked round to the back of the Tree House, seen in the final photo, where no climb would have been necessary.

Tree House

We can also see that much more of the roof of the tree house is in place by the 17th but it is still not complete. The truth is that both the Green Team and Roger were struggling to finalise the design. The Green Team were struggling to get the feather edged board to lay neatly on the rafters with the joints sealed reasonably and Roger was still puzzling about how the steps should meet the boardwalk.

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