Ruston House

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Photo: 12 September 2015
Text: 31 October 2022

We were distracted from recording what was going on in the grounds as our wedding approached. We have no photos of our own showing progress other than those taken on 4 September and 17 September.

My memory says that the bridge had been re-decked by the 12th and decorated with a string of LED bulbs with coloured shades.

Tree House

What I cannot completely reconcile is the exact order of events. The one photograph of the Tree House, seen here, was taken by one of our guests on our wedding day, shows that by then the Green Team had managed to get the six main tree trunks into position on the base that Roger had constructed, together with both the hexagonal "ring" that was to hold them together and the main rafters in the pattern we had seen when we went to visit the Tree House under construction on 20 August.

You have to study the picture in some detail and compare it with the later images to realise that the deck on which the Tree House stands is far from complete. Roger was still puzzling about the final design of the steps to be built to reach from the boardwalk to the Tree House platform. Once complete angled steps rose to the area where we see an right angled end to the deck, following the line of the feather edged roofing boards.

What this means is that I believe that guests would have had to approach the Tree House from the cottage side of the island rather than that seen in the photo taken on 4 September, which faces the area of the lake we call "The Pool" and where the steps were to be built.

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