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Posted: 14 March 2022

Having started on Monday there were a couple of minor hiccups along the way as the felt shingles that Richard had bought online turned out to be black, rather than the grey needed to match the rest of the roof. I had also hoped to be able to supply some stain to match that used on the building, but it turned out what I had was a different brand.

Log Cabin Veranda

The result was that you could not see much progress from ground level on Thursday afternoon other than a first coat of stain having been applied.

Log Cabin
		Veranda Extension

So it was not till Friday afternoon that the decking boards were installed and Richard's work was complete. We now have to decide exactly how to finish the area.

Log Cabin
		Veranda Extension

Today the barbecue was moved to the edge of the additional veranda area to stand against the fence. The extra floor area deliberately wraps around the corner of the cabin. This was to allow us to turn the wood store through 90° and move it from the paving slabs onto the veranda, at right angles to the barbecue.

Trellis and Reed Panels

We want to keep the area relatively sheltered from the wind. Our thought, when designing the additional space, was to add a reed panel behind the wood store and probably a trellis panel to the right of the barbecue. We have a similar mix of panels on the Tree House, but there the trellis was to allow a honeysuckle to climb up the panel. By the barbecue it should provide somewhere convenient to hang hooks on which to hang cooking implements and shelves for oils and herbs and all the other things that might be needed while cooking.

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