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Posted: 11 April 2014

Three weeks ago I took a collection of Photographs of the Daffodils found in clumps around the grounds. Looking through last year's photographs I had realised that I hadn't taken any of that showed off last year's collection, noting that daffodils only appear as incidental background in the First Photograph of the Gosling that hatched last year.

Daffodils and Cottages

They are nearly over this year but, looking at this year's photographs, I realised that they weren't taken in the best of light, so today I decided it was my last chance for this year. I chose a view reminiscent of those I took on 20 April Last Year, but those shots seem designed to exclude the daffodils.

Lake View

Then I walked on to the area I have previously described as My Favourite View of the lake. Last time I took it in the overcast gloom of a mid-June evening. This time there is a trace of a building to be seen as the foliage has not quite bulked out yet.

Then it was on to see how the Mother Goose was getting on. She is still to be seen on her nest having settled back after the oiling of the eggs a week ago.

Mother Goose on the Nest

I feel The Last Time I took her it was a better shot. This time sitting the opposite way round on the nest the bird's head is obscured by the reeds. However, she wasn't going to move and I was unable to take the shot from a different angle.

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